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Agriculture Fencing

We are often asked what the difference between Agricultural fencing and Farm fencing is? A basic explanation is; agriculture fences are used to keep animals out of an area, and farm fences are used to keep animals in an area.

When it comes to installing a fence on your property, you need a quality fence installed by professional fence installation contractors. At Fence Installation Spring Hill, we have the knowledge, expertise, and manpower to complete your farm fencing or agricultural fencing project.

Farm Fencing
Are you looking for a durable and dependable way to contain the animals on your farm? Quality farm fencing is an essential part of farm operations and overall efficiency and success. Farm fences need to be functional and secure, while also being cost-effective. We understand farm fencing design and know how to plan installations to solve your boundary control concerns. From cattle to horses, we have the fence solutions you need.  Every farm fence project has different requirements and goals that need to be met by specific fencing choices. From grazing management solutions and pasture perimeter fencing, to corrals and livestock facilities.

Horse Fencing
The type of fencing that works for cattle may not be a good choice for horses.  Horse owners know that horses love to run, and sometimes they don’t take time to size up their surroundings. Unfortunately, horses are injured every year involving fence accidents and tangling with barbed wire fences. While barbed wire fences are great for cattle, they can be dangerous to horses. Split rail fencing is better for horses, as they are safe, easy to see, and very sturdy. Another option for horse fencing is pipe and cable fencing. The sturdy pipe along the top, prevents the horses from being able to knock it down with their hooves. If you are interested in our professional horse fence installation give us a call today at 352-835-5040.

Livestock Fencing
The type of fence you’ll need is dependent on the type of livestock you need keep inside the fence. There are many types of livestock fence. We will help you decide which type of livestock fencing options are best for your needs. Livestock fencing needs to not only be functional and secure, but also be cost-effective. Every fencing project has different requirements that require specific fencing needs. Whether those needs are grazing management solutions or pasture perimeter fencing, quality fencing is an integral part of livestock management.

We offer a variety of field fencing styles and options to fit your different functional and budget goals.

3 & 4 Wood Board Fence
Wood board fences are the most traditional type of horse fencing. These fences are typically 3 – 4 horizontal planks of hardwood that are nailed or lag screwed into evenly spaced posts. Board fences are most traditionally painted white and come with many advantages. Some of these advantages include a classic aesthetic look, a long lifetime with maintenance, and high visibility and strength.

Barbed Wire
Barbed wire is an a great and inexpensive fencing option which is most commonly used for pasture areas to keep livestock within specific areas. Barbed wire is often used in conjunction with woven wire fencing  to prevent large animals from breaking down fences and to keep smaller animals from digging under the fence.

No-Climb Woven Wire Fence
Woven wire is a traditional type of farm fencing used to contain a variety of farm animals. Commonly used to contain sheep, it can be used to contain larger animals especially when used in conjunction with a couple strands of barbed wire on top. It consists of horizontal lines of smooth wire held apart by vertical wires evening spaced into rectangles 2 inches by 4 inches apart. A variety of sizes are available to based on your needs.

When it comes to protecting your farm, livestock or crops, we know what it takes to protect your property. We understand that your farm and agricultural fencing needs to not only be safe and secure, but also cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. We offer a variety of field fencing styles that are functional as well as budget friendly.

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